Terror Threat Prompts U.S. to Close Diplomatic Missions


Terror Threat Prompts U.S. to Close Diplomatic Missions

Heads up! A big, fat false flag is surely on the way, so USociopaths can get the sheeple to support illegal NSA surveillance, and provide a reason to continue to fork over billion$ to private contractors–violating our privacy at our expense.

02 Aug 2013 A terrorism threat has prompted the United States to close dozens of American diplomatic missions in the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere through the weekend, American officials said Thursday. Officials gave few details about what prompted the move to close an unusually large number of American missions, but said there was “credible” information that an Al Qaeda [al-CIAduh] regional affiliate might be plotting an attack sometime in the coming days. “It’s not often that we close a bunch of embassies at once,” said one official, adding that the threat was being taken particularly seriously by American intelligence…

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